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Sorry for the lack of game posts. I’ve been playing the crap out of 7 wonders.

Super Dungeon Explore

Amazing game. Definitely buy it. Better than decent in soo many ways.

Me and my friend sit down to play a demo vs the demo guy at the booth, and he goes “Okay for heros we have a dwarf and a cat girl. Which one would you like?”

Bitch please… wicked nice guy though great demo. Playing in a mini tourney tomorrow.

New dice. Metal. IN LOVE WITH THESE!

Miss Cranston Diner

Miss Cranston Diner

Enjoying a tasty breakfast with some fellow gamers.

Game 1 Lists

50 point game.
B2B with the stone alter in the middle of the table earns 1 point if no enemy is within 3” to contest. 3 points wins. Score end of each players turn starting on 2nd players 2nd turn. While within the ring of pillars, jacks are allocated 1 additional focus after being allocated focus from their controler. Lastly, at the end of each turn, all models on the central hill take a pow 12.


- Earthbreaker
- Earthbreaker
- Earthbreaker


- Nomad
- Mangler
- Vanguard
Max forgeguard
Max precursor knights with ua
Herne and Johnne
Annistasia Di Brey
Bokur cliented to McBain
Sylys wyshnylar
ayana and holt

By the end of the game the only models of his I destroyed were two heavy jacks and his caster. No dwarves or Ogrun were harmed in the winning of this game… Some did get muddy though.

Game 1

Sorry I forgot to take the end game photo. But essentially a max Forge guard charged my right colossal and took it out with some decent rolling and the aid of Gorman’s rust. Then on my 4th turn I landslid about 2/3rds of his army off to my right and used the first shot of the middle earthbreaker to kd McBain. Then the rest of its shots to take him out. The left earthbreaker was still at full health and waiting right next to McBain incase the middle one failed. But it didnt. Peace out McBain. Also, I would have gained one control point for holding the alter in the middle of the board that turn, then one on my opponents turn when he failed to contest it do to the fact that he’d been landslid so far away, then a 3rd on my next turn, winning by scenario. So either way I had it one. I’ll continue to log games today, and won’t forget any pics this time.

Middle EB ate the nomad. Right EB ate the mangler. Left EB layed down some nicely placed rough terrain shots.
Tip of turn 2… we ran.
Top of turn 1… we ran.
Nobody puts Garten in a corner!